Biography of Anne-Laure Ferry-Adam, Interior designer in Geneva

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Anne-Laure Ferry-Adam is interior designer, qualified in the Ecole du Louvre in Paris and member of the Association Suisse des Architectes d’intérieur (VSI.ASAI) . In Geneva since 2004, she works in Switzerland and all over the world.

Interior designer, Anne-Laure Ferry-Adam is qualifed at the prestigious Ecole du Louvre in Paris where she specialised in Architecture and Interior Decorations of Grand Building and Palaces, while she was working in the meantime for the museum of Decoratives Arts in Paris (historicals wall-papers department) and for the old silk factory Le Manach, in Tours.

Fascinated since ever by soft furnishing and interior design, she worked for longs years for House & Home Design Ltd located in the Isle Of Man (UK) where she realized a lot of projects for manors and privates houses.

In Geneva since 2004, and working with an excellent worldwide network of craftsmen, she offer to all her clients the creation and the realization of any of there projects, privates (houses or apartments, renovation or new constructions) or publics (offices, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs…).

Her extensive experience means that Anne-Laure is just as much at ease with the pures classicals styles as she is with the contemporary. This specialist of interior design enjoys creating environment with an atmosphere that reflects the personality and desires of the people living and working there.

Bilingual in French and English, Anne-Laure Ferry-Adam works in Geneva, in Switzerland and all over the world. She offer to her clients the very best choices from a wilde range of options.

A true professional, she carries out her projects from A to Z, from the conceptual design of the project right up to the end result.

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